Colocation America Review

We (scamFRAUDalert) encountered cyber-criminal Albert Ahdoot dba Colocation America, Los Angeles in search for a local host provider. What we uncovered was eye-opening as to how well-organized and connected the cyber-criminals network is. These individuals are spammers that are well organized and funded.

These guys have Attorneys and Judges on the payroll under the disguise as legal representation. The reality is that these Attorneys provide protection for these gus. They are spamming Google 24/7  with weekly press releases and glamorous consumer reviews sites erected to eradicate and suppress negatives reviews from ever showing up in google searches.

They have attached  or associate their business operations with respected and reputable organizations  and individual knowingly or unknowingly such as the BBB, banks,  IBM, Google, you name it, they have someone within these origanations to do whatever they need or want done. Their operations are like that of ISIS – the Islamic State or al-Qaeda.  They will go to any length to BRIBE  public officials. They are not legitimate in spite of their legitimate store fronts.

Below is just another bogus review in circulation for Colocation America.
Consumer Affairs Review

Colocation America
Below is an example of a spammed/staged Google page.

spam google page

SpamConsumer Affairs Review – BOGUS

colocation america review
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colocation america foundation
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3 thoughts on “Colocation America Review

  1. PJHearst says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I posted my comments on

    This guy Albert Ahdoot a/ka Colocation America is not for REAL.

    I posted my comments on and is posting it here. I noticed you had problems with them too.

    This company is a complete useless and utter mockery of a company. In my over 25 years as a tech professional I’ve never dealt with the level of complete incompetence as I experienced with this company.
    From mismanagement of switches to lack of education about even the most basic requests, this company has probably cost their clients more money than they could even calculate.

    Their equipments are old, junky and their downtime is mind boggling.

    The only thing they seem to have an abundance of is excuses and even those seem to cycle after the 5th time you find your servers inaccessible.

    AVOID THIS COMPANY! If you value your online business and if you have any sense you will find anyone (literally ANYONE) to house your equipment.

    This is a sham of a business and I pity anyone who signs a contract with them before they read this or any of the other hundreds of reviews out there which highlight just how bad this company is.

  2. SFA Reporter says:

    Colocation America

    from:Albert (Colocation America)
    to: ScamFraudAlert
    date: Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 10:07 AM

    Dear Archie,

    Thank you for your payment in purchasing your server.
    We need two more things done before your server pick up tonight.

    1) A letter faxed to Colocation America (206-984-1344) stating that Colocation America nor any of its employees, officers and share holders we will not be bad mouthed on your site or any other sites.
    Our attorney has suggested this to be faxed over.

    2) Name and information of the person who caused the attack to our network.

    Once we have the itmes above, you are more than welcome to come to our DC after 7pm and pick up your server.

    Thank you,

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