Another Bogus Review of Colocation America

We (scamFRAUDalert) encountered cyber-criminal Albert Ahdoot dba Colocation America USA in search of a local hosting provider. What we experienced was the cyber-criminals network. These individuals are well organized and funded.

These guys have Attorneys and Judges on the payroll under the disguise as legal representation. The reality is that these Attorneys provide protection for these individuals. They are spamming Google 24/7  with weekly press releases and glamorous consumer reviews to eradicate and suppress negatives reviews from ever showing up in google searches.

They have attached themselves to respected and reputable organizations such as the BBB, Wells Fargo,  or Inc. Magazine or whoever they can BRIBE or willing to work for a fee to cover their tracks. Behind the scenes, they operate in the dark. They are dangerous.

Below is just another bogus review in circulation for Colocation America.
Consumer Affairs Review

Colocation America
Below is an example of a spammed/staged Google page.

spam google page

Below is what a spamConsumer Affairs Review – BOGUS

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