Sleazeball Attorney Paul Sigelman Representing Cybercriminal Albert A. Ahdoot dba Colocation America Corp – Los Angeles

Attorneys Paul Sigelman and Richard Morse representing Cybercriminal Albert A. Ahdoot dba Colocation America Corporation, Colocation America, Inc., Colocation America, Colocation America now Collocation America or Colocation America USA a CAREER SPAMMER send scamFRAUDalert a threaten letter. Richard Morse is an entertainment Attorney by practice yet he was foolish enough to aid cybercriminal Albert Adhoot.

Following Morse pathetic letter, Sleazeball Attorney Paul S. Sigelman of Sigelman Law, Beverly Hills, CA whose’s notoriety is fixing cases. He has handlers in the California Court system to ensure  cases filed by his firm get routed to JUDGES who lack the moral compass to administer justice and  are corrupt. These Judges ignore “JUSTICE” and assist Sigelman in his enduring quest for injustice for his clients. He’s a HIRE Attorney to WIN.

Sleazeball Attorney Singelman continued to file frivolous lawsuits  on Cyber-Criminal Albert Ahdoot  behalf with total disregard for the law and did LIED ON APPEAL. Attorney Paul Sigelman is a disgrace to the legal profession and should be disbar.


Dear scamFRAUDalert,

I’m tied up with an urgent family matter for the rest of the day and tomorrow, so I have neither the time nor the patience to explain this more than once.
Your DDOS attack ( which caused Colocation America, Multacom and Cogent Communications to go down for more than an hour, cost the three companies over $250K in revenue due to their lines being SHUT OFF! You are liable for this. This is in direct violation of your AUP as clearly stated in your contract. I am being provided receipts from every customer who has to be refunded. You are in breach of your 1 year contract where he owes us the remainder of it. You and must immediately stand down in your postings. They must be taken down now.

You need to speak to a criminal attorney immediately to gauge your exposure, I am not your attorney and cannot so advise you. If you and your attorney wish to work out any type of accommodation with me, it can only happen with you immediately ceasing and desisting. You need to provide notice of that within the hour.

THE INDUSTRY PRACTICES is refer to as Standard Level Agreement (SLA) Mr. ALBERT ARASH AHDOOT or Albert A. Ahdoot dba Colocation America aka Colocation America, Inc. aka Colocation America Corporation refer to SLA as Legal Agreement A clue for what you are up against.
Richard Morse
Entertainment Attorney
13935 Tahiti Way Suite 337
Marina Del Rey, CA

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  14. Appellant Reply Brief ~  utterly nonsense


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