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I have 3 businesses that I run and have very little time for anything else. I needed a hosting provider that will give me no trouble so I can focus my time on other issues. Colocation America has a phone support system that connects you right away to a live human being. The few issues that I have had I spent no longer than 30 minutes on the phone with their staff and the problem was resolve. Fast service from smart people.

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Whether your a professional or complete novice in server hosting, Colocation America is the perfect choice for your server. Started off knowing nothing at all about setting up my server but the support team at Colo America walked me through the process. Now that I have some experience and my hosting plan grew to a full rack, Colocation America still provides me with the best support out of all the other hosting provider I’ve dealt with.

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I am still in the process of setting up the servers for my company and love the support shown by Colocation America so far. I had problems trying to link my servers together so that will be easier to share information between each servers. My business depends on having the server up as I travel around a lot. The technicians went through the trouble shooting procedure with me step by step and has been helping me set the servers running the way I want it to. Stellar job guys!

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We are resellers and provide hosting for more than 30 clients. With our past hosting provider we had to deal with server downtime and the incredibly slow response from tech support. After switching to Colocation America we were so impressed with their services that we have now begun switching over our old clients to their data center.

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I build websites for small businesses and always recommend my customers to Colocation America. Before, I recommended another company to my clients but I would always get complaints about the website being too slow or not even showing up. After a friend recommended Colocation America to me when I needed to host more servers I was sold by their amazing customer service. They also include a 100% uptime guaranteed with their plans so I started to recommend them to my clients. Had no calls about downtime since.

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Since signing up for their managed server services in 2009 I am blown away by the great service I’ve received from them. They always have a person on the phone whenever I call and always solve any issues I have quickly. I highly recommend Colocation America to all of my friends and clients.

Posted on 7/20/2011

After an extensive research comparing and contrasting different companies I decided to go with Colocation America. So far everything is running smoothly with no glitch or downtime. I can finally concentrate on my business and not have to worry about keeping my server up to date.

Posted on 7/15/2011

Me being new to operating a server so of course I had tons of questions to ask. I called them and got a real person on the line, not a machine. He walked me through the steps of setting up my server, upgrading it, and installing the programs that I wanted on the server. Very nice about it and the technical staff member had a genuinely helpful tone. Love the amazing support guys, keep it up!

Posted on 6/13/2011

Service is the most important thing that I look for when deciding which company gets my business. This has always been my motto and when I was looking to get my server hosted I checked around for good service. Colocation America had one of the best reputation for good services and before I signed up I decided to give them a call late at night, on weekends, and during holidays. They always had someone answering the phone and no automated computer telling me which button to press. The person was nice and sounded like he knows his stuff so I decided to sign up with Colocation America. Haven’t regret it since.

Posted on 5/9/2011